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Published by Vladimir K. · 4 mins · 

VRDENT is a special game developed jointly by engineers and dentists in Israel to relieve pain and stress in dentistry in children.

Over 80% of people experience dental anxiety. By reducing that anxiety and improving the clinical experience for both your patients and your team, VR DENT is the key to standing out in dentistry and unlocking new patient growth!

How can virtual reality change your dental business?
Dramatically reduce patient anxiety
Research indicates that virtual reality can reduce the pain and anxiety associated with dental work by distracting the patient and immersing them in a different experience.
Offer a drug free sedation option that actually works
The BBC has reported that UK scientists have conducted studies that show support for virtual reality in reducing anxiety levels in dental patients. UK scientists found that putting patients in a virtual reality (VR) environment while being treated can reduce anxiety levels. The scientists tested different types of scenery in the virtual reality experience given to the patients. They found that whichever scene the patient was placed into did make a difference to the overall anxiety levels.
Generate new patients
The “welcoming” plays a crucial role and to “conquer” the confidence of a child with a cartoon in a direct involvement (a precondition so that they get a real distraction) offering them a unique experience is very easy with video glasses. Because the device is new (but will always enjoy) and because cartoons are the best attraction or because it is a technique far better then administrating medications, the fact is that success is guaranteed.
Surprise your loyal customers
Today, the sole alternative to conscious sedation, especially for children and for the benefit of operators, is symbolised by virtual reality.